I’m a big fan of journaling. And if you’ve been here before or know me personally then you know I’m a super fan of bible journaling. But that’s not the only kind of journaling I do. I thought I would share with you some different ways you can use a journal AND let you in on a big journal sale that’s going on right now until Sunday, August 21st.

Let’s not be shy here, okay? I’ve seen a therapist or two in my day and do you know what the most commonly recommended therapeutic practice is that has been shared with me? Journaling. This doesn’t just stop with therapists. Physicians, dietitians, teachers… so many people suggest journaling as a great way to express feelings, track behaviors and habits and for creative expression. So let’s take a look at some different ways I like to journal and know that the sky is the limit with the possibilities.

Prayer Journaling. Use your journal as a way to document or express your prayers. Lift it all up to him through writing! I love to write prayers in my journal as if I’m writing letters to God. I love having them in writing, too. It’s private, but I can look back and see how God has worked in my life over time. I feel connected to him and it feels intimate. This is probably the way I use journaling the most, outside of my bible.

Praise Journaling. A journal is a great place to document praise reports, blessings and answered prayers. And sometimes those answered prayers are actually unanswered prayers and putting it down on paper reminds you of how very real God is and how ever-present He is in your life.

Gratitude Journaling. Another favorite of mine because this can be really simple (like a daily gratitude list) or as lengthy and full of expression as you would like. Focusing on gratitude helps us to stay focused on the positive, something I struggle with more than I would like to admit. Gratitude journaling is seriously a blessing to the writer because you find that day after day, even in the midst of hardships, you have much to be grateful for.

Art Journaling. Oh yes, this is a favorite, too! (I guess they all are!) I have begun to do more journaling outside of my bible using die cuts, printables, stickers, paints and just about anything that says “Art”. This is a practice that I want to dive into deeper and explore more. I haven’t done a lot of this type of journaling but I’m doing more and not only is it a fabulous form of expression but it’s fun!

Worship/Music Journaling. This is a practice I was recently introduced to and I LOVE it. Turn on your favorite or a random worship song and journal the lyrics and the feelings, thoughts, prayers that come up throughout. You can listen to the same song multiple times, listen to a stream of songs, or just focus on one. No matter what you will feel a new connection to the music and come away with a deeper connection to God, too.

These are just a few ways that I like to practice journaling…but that leads me to perhaps the best part of the whole journaling experience…the journal itself! Some of us can’t possibly have enough journals on hand, some of us have preferences of certain kinds of binding, paper, lined or unlined and some of us just need to start somewhere…anywhere. Luck would have it that my most favorite faith-based cards and gifts retailer is having a SALE! And it’s a good one. It’s a $5 Journal Flash Sale on select journals from DaySpring Cards. Yep, $5. You can’t beat that! (Envision me clapping here.)

In preparation for this fantabulous sale I had the privilege of checking out one of the sale journals from DaySpring myself. Let me tell you, it’s awesome.

FullSizeRender (4)

I love the bright colors, the reminder of the most important things in life…faith, hope and love, and I love that beautiful blue band that will help keep my heart’s outpourings all safe and snug.

FullSizeRender (5)

I simply adore the grid lines in this journal. I am kind of obsessed with grids in my journals at the moment. It keeps my writing in line and provides a nice backdrop if I’m doing art or mixed media journaling. These pages are a great thickness, too. They are definitely not flimsy but they aren’t bulky either. And oh, see that mug, that’s a DaySpring mug, too…yep, it’s mine and I had to use it in this photo…because it’s too perfect. The Illustrated Faith pen is available through DaySpring, as well. These pens are serious favorites of mine. All of this goodness can be found at dayspring.com.

Take some time to check out the $5 Journal Flash Sale and go ahead and treat yourself. You won’t be sorry. How could you be sorry for $5?

Go get your journaling groove on friends!

***I received a free journal from DaySpring in exchange for writing this review. All content here is my own, not persuaded by anything other than that awesome journal I now get to enjoy.***