I’m pretty excited about this. So today I had to share with you the latest addition to my jewelry collection! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have trouble spending money on jewelry unless I feel like I’m getting a really good deal. I wear a lot of the same jewelry on a daily basis and when I buy jewelry I often (not always) try to purchase something that I am confident I will wear frequently. I’ve purchased far too many things in the past that just hang (prettily) on my jewelry stands and hooks. My latest addition is available at for only $10, originally $45. I know, EEK, that’s a steal!

Obviously, I wanted to share this bargain and the others that are happening over at DaySpring right now. But can I tell you more about this necklace? I LOVE it. I love how it has multiple tones of metal. I love how the heart says “My Hope” and the circular ring that is on the chain reads “His unfailing love.” That’s right! My hope is in His unfailing love and now I can wear it around my neck for all to see. The beads have a greenish hue to them, they are frosted and pick up light and color from your coloring and clothing which makes it even more versatile. This is truly a beautiful piece that I know I’m going to be wearing again, and I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true. There aren’t many pieces of jewelry I can say that about.

Check out a little more detail in the photos below. I did use a filter in the bottom photo so the coloring is off a bit, but you’ll get the idea of how fun and meaningful this necklace is!



wearing my hope pendant necklace by dayspring

I find it honestly challenging to find faith related jewelry that doesn’t look chintzy or cheap. This is neither! DaySpring also has several other fabulous deals going on with this sale. You can check them out by clicking here. You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Dare I say it’s not too early to get started on Christmas shopping?

***Disclaimer: I received this necklace in exchange for the writing of this review. All views, expressions and opinions are my own. But seriously, you’ll love this necklace.***