I’m guilty of it…maybe you are, too? I find myself thinking way too much about myself.

It can be difficult to even notice as we become so used to focusing on us, our feelings, our wants, our needs, our own desires. It’s a deceptive plague of sorts. And sometimes it takes a real wake-up call to realize we are so focused on ourselves that we have forgotten to let others know how loved and appreciated they are – that they are important, that we care about them. And what about those times when our friends and loved ones really need us…are we there for them? Are we willing to put ourselves aside and encourage one another through difficult times? What about spending time encouraging others when it’s not a difficult time but just during every day living? Do you do it? I’m afraid I don’t near as often as I should.

I believe it’s human nature in a way to have the sickness of obsession with self, especially in this society we live in today. But some of us may struggle with it more than others. As a person who suffers from depression and chronic illness, I can easily find myself far too focused on how I am feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually…and far too often I focus on the negative in these areas. I think about how my body feels each day (the aches and pains). I think about sadness. I think about what I should be doing but I’m not. I think about a lot of things that are all centered around me. But do you know what cures that? If we turn our attention away from ourselves and focus on encouraging others, serving others and lifting others up…we are unable to focus on ourselves at the same time! It’s kind of magical like that and it’s how God designed us.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing (5)

God not only designed us this way but He also continually instructs us to refocus our thoughts on good things and to encourage others in His word. We were made for this, but we need reminding. I, in particular, need a lot of reminding. It’s our sinful nature…to be too focused on ourselves, but as usual (Thank you, Jesus!) God has an answer. And there are others who also recognize this as an important area of our lives…important for our own mental, physical and spiritual health. Lucky for us you can find them if you look for them. But, one such influence has made themselves readily available for us all!

I’m a huge fan of DaySpring, as you may already know (from previous posts as well as affiliate links on my site), and they have launched a 21 Days of Encouragement campaign to help us all redirect ourselves…redirect our thoughts and actions towards others. I embraced this idea as soon as I heard about it because I know this is an area of my life that needs a lot of work. I’ve been in a season of accepting the blessing of help and encouragement from others and I deeply desire to give back. Here I am presented with a great opportunity to do so, and so are you.

Check out the DaySpring  21 Days of Encouragement page for ideas, inspiration and to find out their reason behind the launch of this campaign. I think you will find yourself wanting to join in the fun and ready to fill your heart and mind up with less of you and with more love and encouragement for others. I’m all in. I need this. I’m ready and I’m grateful for this campaign to get my mind focused on what is good.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable
–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

Please note: I am receiving no compensation for this post. This post and my excitement about this campaign are all my own. However, I may receive assistance from DaySpring in sharing this post on social media channels to raise awareness of the campaign.