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21 Days of Encouragement

Hi Friends! This is so exciting! As you likely know already, I’m a big huge fan of DaySpring Cards and Gifts. (It doesn’t hurt that they are the main source of Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling supplies!) They have an incredibly beautiful assortment of cards and gifts that all have a touch of faith in addition to bible journaling supplies. I simply adore this company, their mission and products. And now, lucky ducks, they are hosting a $200 giveaway for you, my readers, and the readers of a select group of bloggers as part of their 21 Days of Encouragement Campaign. I told you this is exciting!

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If you haven’t heard of the currently running 21 Days of Encouragement Campaign you can read more about it here and visit DaySpring for all the encouragement you need to be a great encourager.

Again, enter the giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway and do it quick! Best of luck and lots of blessings to you!

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Bible Journaling for My Mental Health

bible journaling psalm 40:1-3

If you have read any previous blog posts here, you know I struggle with mental health challenges. Since the fall of 2015 I have battled one of the worst episodes I have yet to encounter. Luck, or God’s grace, would have it that while on my journey of recovery from this dark period, I came upon Illustrated Faith and bible journaling. It came at just the right time. Funny how God works like that, huh? It’s amazing really.

I was making progress on my recovery but still really struggling when I found it. I needed new ways to connect with God because my old ways didn’t feel like they were working. During the darkest of times it felt like I couldn’t connect…like He was too far away. And then bible journaling entered my life. This spring I began to get to know this practice and more and more I find that it truly brings me peace and into a deeper relationship with Christ. I spend more time in the Word than before. I focus more on the scriptures and their meaning. I dig deeper and my art and creativity help me to hold on to the messages and truth God has for me, for us.

When I’m feeling anxious bible journaling helps bring calm and peace to my mind.

When I’m feeling depressed (not just blue, but depressed, depressed) I can turn my focus to God’s word, create a new page and my mood is lifted. (This works when I’m feeling just blue, too.) And guess what, if I’m really needing it, I can do multiple pages to distract from any dark thoughts and depression symptoms I am feeling.

I can write my prayers to God on these pages if I choose. I can spend extra time meditating on the scripture I have been led to for that page. I can just have fun with it, too. It’s a great reprieve from the day-to-day grind.

bible journaling prayer card

The bible journaling community has blessed me, too. Connecting with others who share a love of Christ and long to deepen their relationship with him through art and creativity is energizing and helps to curb feelings of loneliness. I find that interacting with this community, particularly on Instagram and through the Illustrated Faith site and their social accounts, I am energized and rejuvenated, plus I learn SO much from them all.

Now, certainly, this isn’t a cure for my mental health issues, but I have found that through bible journaling I have a renewed and deeper desire for further developing my relationship with God. I feel closer to Him and I am learning more and more about His word and teachings. It’s a wonderful experience to have my creative juices flowing again after such a difficult time. Sometimes, as I reflect, it truly feels like one of God’s miracles in my life. As if He reached down, directed me to bible journaling, and put this in my life specifically to bring me out of the pit and to draw me closer to Him.

2016-05-03 16.46.06-2

***As a side note, check my side bar for links to Illustrated Faith and DaySpring…discounts, too! DaySpring is where you can purchase most of the Illustrated Faith products. The Illustrated Faith site has a wonderful community, inspirational and instructional posts and their recently launched #printprayshop where you can purchase downloadable printables.***


Confessions of a Bible Journaling Beginner

2016-03-23 11.11.29

You know I talk about messy stuff around here and let me tell you, bible journaling can get messy.

I recently (very recently) began journaling in my bible as a way to spend more time in the word and as a way to utilize my creativity to help me study, express my thoughts, feelings, emotions and prayers through art. While I went through a period of severe depression recently, I found it particularly difficult to connect with God. Once I found myself in this “recovery” phase of things (I’d like to think that’s where I’m at.) my natural instinct to draw near to him became apparent again. This was a joyful discovery for me after these past few months of feeling so far away.

But like most things that I do, it’s been a messy adventure. Both good and invigorating and, I hate to say bad, but well…just a little messy. Messy can mean a lot of things. Try to think of it, in this case, both literally and figuratively. That said, I’d like to share my confessions with you about what this beginning process has been like for me. Perhaps you can learn something from me. And maybe it will even encourage you to dive in to bible journaling yourself. You will find an amazing and rich community waiting for you on all social media outlets, but you can first look here  and follow the #biblejournaling and #biblejournalingcommunity hashtags on Instagram to find fellow journalers.  I think you will undoubtedly find that bible journaling is a beautiful (and sometimes messy) way to express your faith.

Confession No. 1

I’m kind of a scaredy cat. I am timid when it comes to writing and making art on the pages of my beautiful new journaling bible. (You can find the one I have here, if interested. I’m not getting paid to tell you about it and there are lots out there.) I totally hesitate to try new mediums and to really take over the page. I’ve discovered that I’m terrified of getting my pages wet now. This is because they wrinkle and crinkle easily (although there are methods that supposedly help with this (like using this stuff called Gesso), I have not mastered these techniques fully yet. I have ruined pages on the flip side by getting a page too wet and causing my work to run or smudge.

I did this here:


And here:

FullSizeRender (2)

Confession No.2

I’ve spent way too much money on my new hobby. Like most people who get excited about new things, I wanted to try out all of the goodies and tools and well, everything. I still do, in fact. But if you can try to use some restraint it will probably serve you well! (Your bank account will definitely be happier.) It’s really hard not to indulge in all of the great products you see others using, but time and time again I hear bible journaling experts say to just start with the basics. I certainly have the basics now…and then a little more. In the hopes of helping another beginner out there I would recommend getting a journaling bible, some Sakura Pigma Micron pens, a couple regular pencils and some good colored pencils, but even Crayola Twistables work great. You can work your way up from there, perhaps a little bit more slowly than I did. I have to recommend Illustrated Faith as a great resource for bible journaling supplies, tools and treats, simply because I love them. They also have super fun ways to embellish your page (I’m waiting on the arrival of some stickers and die cuts I ordered from them now) if you aren’t that into drawing, painting or lettering pages all by yourself or if you just want to fancy things up. I’d show you my stash of stuff, but that would be embarrassing.

Confession No. 3

I’m totally insecure about my pages. This is the confession that is a little bit harder to put out there, but it’s true. I can rob myself of the joy of journaling by comparing my work or end results to others – others who have some mad art skills, training or have been doing this for a long time. None of this comparing business is good. It takes away from the whole point of why I’m doing this in the first place. I have images in my head of the greatness I could create only to fall way short of that expectation and then I feel all sulky and gloomy. That’s not what God would want for me to come away with after spending time in the word and it’s not of Him. To combat this, I intend to work diligently on spending more time in prayer and devotion and allowing my bible journaling to reflect that, not what I think the finished page should look like. There’s a real battle here, and I think other beginner bible journalers can relate to that.

Here’s wishing you a happy bible journaling adventure and don’t forget, it’s okay to get messy!

If you’re a beginner, tell me what your confessions are? If you’re not a beginner, how about sharing what obstacles, if any, you had to overcome when you got started? And if you’re not either of those, say hi anyway?