Mommy Muddling

Welcome to Mommy Muddling! This is a corner of the world where I feel totally safe, which I hope means you do, too!

Mommy Muddling, that’s me and this lovely little place, is all about sharing and moving through life’s messy things (that muck and mire stuff). Some of the messiest things in my life are things like personal struggles with mental health issues, faith, motherhood, being a wife, having a child with severe autism and then the artsy type stuff like my love of bible journaling and painting. All of that can be messy in one way or another, sometimes the end result is something very pretty and other times it’s just a beautiful ole’ mess. Not every mess can be beautiful though, there are some rather not pretty things that I may share here, and yeah, they’re just ugly messes. But ugly things need to be looked at and worked through too, so there’s that.

You’ll find I focus most on faith, mental health and bible journaling. I may expand that some or go off-road and share pretty things like books I love, home decor, and the occasional, “oh my gosh I can’t help myself it’s so pretty” inspired fashion or beauty related post. All of these things make up the fabric of my life, so ultimately it’s my life I bring to you with the hope that you can relate or learn from it, maybe even be inspired. After all, it can’t all be about me! Plus, I think I have a thing or two I can learn from you, so I hope you’ll share here, too.

And yes, I’m an anonymous mommy for right now. That’s where I’m finding my freedom and comfort. But if you’re wondering…I’ll give you a few tidbits. I’m 40-ish, give or take a couple. I live in Kansas City. I have 5 crazy kiddos (blended family) and one seriously wonderful husband. We have no pets because of previously mentioned autistic child and an event that involved her getting a nasty bite on the face from our previous dog. (Oh Lord, how I miss that dog!) I love live music – really love it. I’m a huge fan of nature and God’s creations, particularly the ocean, mountains, birds and flowers! It’s my dream to live near the ocean or mountains some day. For now, I’m land-locked in Kansas. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolar Disorder to add to my little list of mental health challenges (Anxiety, PTSD, etc.) after being diagnosed as a person living with Major Depressive Disorder most of my life. I’m a Christian (I should have said that first, oops!). I’m also a recovering alcoholic. I’m just messy, see?